JSDAI v3.6.3

Changes in JSDAI version 3.6.3 since JSDAI v3.6.1.

JSDAI Runtime

  • Enhanced EXPRESS expression implementation
  • Validation methods for where rules
  • Memory optimizations to considerably minimize average memory used by entity instance


  • Added renaming support for remote models and schema instances
  • Added support for remote SdaiModel.getAssociatedWith()
  • Added new method for accessing type information from query results
  • Consistent remote transactions: The contents of an SdaiRepository is reloaded in an efficient way when a new database transaction starts
  • Enhanced speed of large external data handling
  • Enhanced stability with many user connections
  • Database driven instance persistent label allocation to ensure safe simultaneous editing of remote repository data
  • Enhanced querying on the database to query attribute values of any type complexity
  • Overcome MySQL limitation on max size of external data
  • Improved semi-automatic installation procedure, supporting remote installations