JSDAI v3.6.1

Changes in JSDAI version 3.6.1 since JSDAI v3.6.0.

JSDAI Runtime & Express Compiler


  • Added support for type labels in procedures and functions
  • Evaluation support of explicit attributes, redeclared as derived
  • Fixed inheritance of where rules in entities
  • All typeof evaluations are realized for a generic schema ("*") to better support EXPRESS short forms. Having the schema name as part of the typeof result is a flaw in the design of EXPRESS
  • Enhanced for derived attributes of some aggregation type
  • Fixed bugs in expression and validation

JSDAI Runtime:

  • Part28 Version2 fixed export; added import for generic case without containment
  • Removed dependence on Xalan V1.4 so that it is handled JAXP way and longer depends on specific XSLT processor version


  • Various fixes and improvements
    • for several users working on the same data
    • on query the database contents
    • for big external data sets
    • on installer user interface and new user creation
    • ensuring that references from remote repositories to local repositories get unset
    • checking that the EXPRESS schema(s) on the database is the same as on the JSDAI client side
  • Automatic installation package
  • Added support to restrict JSDAI-DB installation for specifc schemas only