JSDAI v3.5.4

Changes in JSDAI version 3.5.4 since JSDAI v3.5.3.

JSDAI Runtime, Mapping Operations and SQL Bridge

  • Enhanced and reorganized JSDAI documentation
  • Queries
    • Local
      • Full support for specification V1.1 queries.
      • Added support for <regex> and <nregex> constraints which allow to use regular expressions in attribute value matching.
      • Query library basic handling in query engine.
    • Remote
      • Parsing according to spec V1.1.
      • General remote query engine and basic constraint element support for <type>, <fwd>, <val> and <items>.
    • Both, local and remote
      • Namespace extended handling according to specification V1.1.
      • Query library general implementation in the engine.
      • Query result handling through QueryResultSets and repository/model/schema instance/entity instance references.
  • SDAI file format
    • Working with SDAI files using linkRepository, importClearTextEncoding, and createRepository methods. For detailed documentation see API_REF of above methods.
    • Live SDAI file updating including external data
    • Drop in include of SDAI files in repositories directory in known server list.
    • Configurable through the option in jsdai.properties file default repository format: conventional directory or SDAI file.
  • Validation and expressions
    • JSDAI runtime includes support for validation and expressions.
  • JSDAI-SQL Bridge
    • Many stability fixes
    • Redesigned and more functional SDAI transaction to SQL transaction mapping. For detailed description see SdaiTransaction documentation in API_REF.
    • Enhanced JSDAI runtime - JSDAI-SQL Bridge communication protocol.
  • Optimizations, extensions and fixes
    • Runtime memory and speed optimizations.
    • Fixes in mapping read and write (Cx) operations.
    • More robustness in some JSDAI operations to ensure mapping functionality.
    • Express documentation has better rule handling.

JSDAI Library with Mapping Extension

  • AP210 schemas upgraded to WD1_36

JSDAI Express Compiler

  • Enhanced and fixed incremental compilation
  • Added support for SDAI files
  • Enhanced and fixed expression handling
  • Enhanced handling of index files
  • Improved compilation speed