The current version of JSDAI is v4.3. This page lists releases of JSDAI v4:

JSDAI v4 (development target)

Major target features for JSDAI v4.0:

  • Providing an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) by linking JSDAI with Eclipse IDE, including plugins/features for:
    • Express Compiler, Express Doc and pretty print
    • graphical Express-G Editor
    • p21 file validation on MIM and XIM level
  • Database enhancements
    • Introduction of a new dynamic mode for SdaiModel, allowing to load only actual necessary instances
    • Completely re-designed access right management
    • Minimization of locking for multithreaded JSDAI clients
    • Increased speed and minimised memory consumption for many remote models and schema instances in a remote repository
    • Support for non-destructive upgrade of EXPRESS schemas on a JSDAI-DB database
    • Database neutral backup and restore
  • Full support of STEP Application Modules, since 2010 integrated into the SMRL (STEP Modules and Resource Library), for the IR/MIM and "integrated" ARM level. This becomes available through the JSDAI specific XIM-library (eXtended Integrated Model).