XIM Library

The XIM library is a special JSDAI library, optimized for supporting most STEP Application protocols (AP) in a single integrated model. The XIM is primarily built around the modular APs:

  • ISO 10303-203 Configuration controlled 3D designs of mechanical parts and assemblies;
  • ISO 10303-210 Electronic assembly, interconnect and packaging design
    with a focus on Printed Circuit Boards and Assembly;
  • ISO 10303-236 Furniture product data and project data;
  • ISO 10303-239 Product life cycle support, PLCS;
  • ISO 10303-242 Managed Model Based 3D Engineering.

In addition many entities from other non-modular APs that are not covered in application modules are included. In particular we want to mention here:

  • ISO 10303-212 Electrotechnical design and installation;
  • ISO 10303-214 Core data for automotive mechanical design processes

Underlying of these APs are EXPRESS schemas as defined in the:

  • Integrated Resources (IR), ISO 10303-4x, 5x, 1xx;
  • Application Interpreted Constructs (AIC),  ISO 10303-5xx;
  • Module Integrated Models (MIM) of Application Modules, ISO 1030-4xx, 1xxx; 

To make JSDAI a Higher Level API also the Application Reference Models (ARM) of the Application Modules are included in a modified form. In ISO 10303 the ARM models are totally separated from the IR/AIC/AIM/MIM models. For JSDAI these ARM models are turned into XIM models that make all ARM concepts specializations of IR/AIC/MIM entities. In addition the mapping tables between ARM and MIM are converted into executable data so that it is possible to convert XIM data to MIM data and backwards without loss of information. 

Within the XIM library all these EXPRESS schemas are combined into a single top level schema that is the base schema for all applications. Only this allows seamless cross APs implementations.

The sources of the XIM library are available on the jsdai cvs project on sourceforge, you can browse them here.

Some recent versions of the XIM Library:

  • v1.130.200 (2011-12-20): Used by IDA-STEP 4.5.1
  • v1.129.1
  • v1.128.102 (2009-06-29): Used by IDA-STEP 4.3.2
  • v1.128.100 (2009-05-26): Used by IDA-STEP 4.3.1 
  • v1.127.100 (2009-02-25): Used by IDA-STEP 4.2.0 and 4.2.1
  • v1.127.0 (2008-11-27): Used by IDA-STEP 4.1.0 and 4..1.1
  • v1.124.101 (2008-02-20+): Used by IDA-STEP 4.0.1

See the change log for details.