JSDAI v3.5.3

Changes in JSDAI version 3.5.3 since version 3.1.

JSDAI Runtime

  • XML support
  • Extensible selects and enumerations
  • Population-dependent bounds
  • New method EEntity.getAllReferences and Value.getAllReferences
  • Support for schema version identifiers
  • Fixed, optimized and extended expression support
  • Fixed Value related methods
  • Updated dictionary format
  • Local query support according to specification V1.0
  • Retaining EEntity Java objects while performing an abort operation
  • Separate logWriters for each session
  • Support for derived attributes in method testAttribute
  • Enhanced exception output for nested exceptions
  • Added possibility to control instance identifier numbers for new entity instances
  • Enhanced the way library schemas are handles. This allows to add any number of custom schemas. Also library and JSDAI versions are matched at startup
  • Updated documentation

JSDAI-SQL bridge

  • Optimized for DB getSessionIdentifiers method
  • MySQL support
  • DB2 support
  • Updated installation tool
  • Simple support of SDAI transaction to SQL transaction mapping
  • New communication protocol between client and bridge optimized for this type of communication including sending only changes

Mapping operations

  • Fixes and implementing missing functionality
  • Extensions in mapping write support making it more robust
  • Enhanced EEntity.buildMappedInstance, EEntity.findMappedInstance and EMappedARMEntity.applyMappedAttributes methods
  • UOF support for writing
  • Fixed and optimized mapping read operation methods
  • Exact type support
  • Extended derived_variant support
  • New method AEntity.findMappingInstances and using it in M classes
  • New method isExact in M-classes
  • Enhanced mapping cache support
  • Various speed optimizations including redesigned findMappedUsers method

Mapping compiler

  • Fixes in replacing derived attributes
  • Exact type support
  • Support for combining AIM attribute and reference path
  • Extended derived_variant support
  • Enhanced select handling
  • Support for extensible selects
  • Fixed generation of missing END_OF_PATH_CONSTRAINT
  • Added constraint compression: duplicated constraints are created in mapping data only once and later reused

Express Doc

  • Added documenting global rules, functions and constants

JSDAI Library

  • AP210 schemas upgraded to WD1_34
  • Expressions and rules included to the schemas
  • Added undefined_object extension to AP212 ARM schema
  • Library documentation enhanced with rules and expressions
  • AP210, AP214, and AP212 mapping data includes more fixes and more extended support for ARM creation classes

JSDAI Express Compiler

  • Restored support for incremental compilation
  • Added switch -no_amendment which controls Express Amendment features
  • Added switch -compilation_sn which sets the instance identifier range
  • Various fixes and extensions in expression support