JSDAI for Eclipse

Eclipse platform
Since version 4.0, JSDAI is linked with Eclipse Platform, providing an Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

The highlights of JSDAI integration with Eclipse are:

  • Creating, editing and compiling EXPRESS schemas
  • Developing JSDAI applications
  • Generating HTML documentation of EXPRESS schemas
  • Creating Express-G shema diagrams
  • Convenient environment for the aforementioned actions
  • Plugin updating using update site


JSDAI for Eclipse offers various features for a more convenient working with EXPRESS schemas and developing applications. Read more about them:

More information

JSDAI for Eclipse tutorials cover some basic functionality. Also, in short Flash movies, they display how JSDAI for Eclipse works.

[view JSDAI tutorials]

JSDAI for Eclipse is an integration of JSDAI tools into Eclipse IDE. Read more about JSDAI Core to get more information about the tools.

[read more about JSDAI Core]