JSDAI v4.0.0

Changes in JSDAI version 4.0.0 since JSDAI v3.6.4.

JSDAI Runtime

  • Fully supports STEP modules
  • Undo/redo in JSDAI API level
  • Import from Part21 files was improved to be more error prone
  • Enhanced Part28 support
  • Enhanced Express documentation tool
  • Extended usage of schema names in jsdai.properties file with asterisk
  • Enhanced treating of SDAI files, now they can be of any file type extension
  • Enhanced mapping compiler to work with STEPMOD mapping syntax extensions
  • Added licensing management
  • Various speed and memory consumption optimizations


  • Introduced new dynamic mode for SdaiModel, allowing to load only actual needed instances.
  • Re-designed access right management including template support
  • Minimization of locking for multithreaded JSDAI clients
  • Client bridge communication over HTTP including compression of content streams
  • EXPRESS schema metadata upgrades with best effort to not destroy application data
  • Backup/restore using multirepository SDAI file as backup format with possibility to restore data backed up using different Express schema version
  • Redesigned Web Administrator to act as servlet which makes it's integration with JSDAI-SQL Bridge possible
  • Increased speed and minimized memory consumption for many remote models and schema instances in a remote repository
  • Enhanced and fixed working with high number of users in stressed environments
  • Bug fixes in accessing remote data with references between models
  • Fixed several issues with using remote queries
  • New JSDAI-DB usage guide


  • Extended to work with STEPMOD data populations

JSDAI for Eclipse

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