JSDAI v4.2.0

Release date 2008-12-16

Changes in JSDAI version 4.2.0 since JSDAI v4.1.3.

JSDAI Runtime

  • Added included SchemaInstances
  • Extended undo/redo to cover external data addition and removal
  • Improved expression and validation support
  • Various fixes and miscellaneous improvements
  • New methods endAccess(), startReadOnlyAccess(), and startReadWriteAccess() on ASdaiModel
  • New methods addSchemaInstance(SchemaInstance), getIncludedSchemaInstances(), getReferencedModels(), and removeSchemaInstance(SchemaInstance) on SchemaInstance
  • New method getOperationRepository() and new operations CREATE_EXTERNAL_DATA_OPERATION and REMOVE_EXTERNAL_DATA_OPERATION on SdaiOperationIterator


  • Fixed various Express related issues

JSDAI for Eclipse (GUI)

  • New validation feature
  • Enhances validation for part21 files in general
  • New STEP file validation for MIM and XIM level, focus on AP210
  • Express Compiler Lists to reference any Express file in workspace
  • New Express project for the ARM of STEP Application module, jsdai_eclipse_arm
  • New Express project for the MIM of STEP Application module, jsdai_eclipse_mim
  • Several fixes in Express-G editor
  • New functionality to test for cycles and reduandany between Express schemas (e.g. for STEP application modules)


  • Added simultaneous access start/end on aggregate of SdaiModels
  • Improved SdaiModel start access by adding support for model body cache
  • Extended locking for unlimited number of objects