JSDAI Express-G Editor features

  • Support of 2 diagram types:
    • Schema level diagram
      • Single level schema
      • Multi level schema
    • Entity level diagram
  • Support for different EXPRESS schema handling and representation:
    • Short form
    • Long form
    • Partial schema
    • Complete schema
  • Importing data
    • From file systems
    • From Express repository (.sdai)
    • Merge current repository with an imported one
  • Exporting schemas to Stepmod

Display and edit diagrams

  • Express-G Perspective - a layout of viewers and editors to make work with graphical EXPRESS editor more convenient
    • Editor for displaying graphical layout of current schema
    • Outline view of schemas with schema diagrams
    • Express-G Outline listing EXPRESS objects of current schema
  • Editing:
    • Create/delete diagrams
    • Select/place/delete diagram objects
    • Customize appearance of relationships
    • Visible/hidden simple types
    • Resize object box
    • Choose text fonts
    • Arrange objects horizontally/vertically
    • Justify objects left/center/right and top/center/bottom
    • Grouping/ungrouping of:
      • Trees (relationships)
      • Interfaced objects
      • Page references
      • Simple types
    • View properties of objects
  • Pages - split EXPRESS diagram into several pages
    • Set custom names for pages
    • Customize page appearance
    • Insert/delete/reorder pages
    • Move objects between pages
    • Print pages
    • Exclude pages from printing by making them invisible
    • Bring referenced objects to page

More information

JSDAI Express-G Editor simple usage examples can be found in Tutorials section.

[open JSDAI Express-G Editor tutorials]