Express Project

Express Project is created for work with EXPRESS schemas. It is used to store the EXPRESS files and organize them into hierarchical structures. Moreover, configuring project properties allows setting specific options for the project.

Directory structure

JSDAI for Eclipse - Express project directory structure When Express Project is created, it provides default directories for storing:

  • EXPRESS files
  • Short names
  • Complex entities

These directories are located into project directory by default, however setting custom location for them is also possible.

EXPRESS file input

The files for Express Project compilation can be indicated in several ways:

  • Non-recursive input of files in the Express directory
  • Recursive input of files in the Express directory
  • .exl inclusion/exclusion file lists

File input settings can be configured in Express Project properties.

.exl file lists

Using .exl file lists allows easier compilation of a subset of EXPRESS files. It is useful when there are numerous EXPRESS files in the project.

Inclusion .exl file is used to indicate, which files need to be compiled. By using them, Express Project can interact with Stepmod.

Exclusion .exl file is used to indicate, which files must be excluded from compilation.

These files can be created automatically when the Express Project is created.

Express Compiler configuration

Express Project allows setting project-specific options for Express Compiler. For more information, read about the Express Compiler for Eclipse.

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